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Why Renovate?

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to renovate. Sometimes it's the simple need for a change. Other times, the motivation is more practical. If you wake up one day with a water-stained ceiling, you know you have to act fast. From the planning stage to the final touches, Flying Colors Inc. shares our experience and knowledge with you. In general, there are three types of renovation: Lifestyle, Retrofit, and Maintenance & Repair.

Lifestyle renovations improve your home and your way of life. They might involve building a sun room for pleasure, or converting unused attic space into living quarters to meet your changing needs.

Retrofit projects usually focus on your home's shell or mechanical systems. Examples are upgrading your insulation, replacing your decking, or putting on new siding.

Maintenance & Repair renovations protect the investment you have made in your house through activities such as caulking windows, reshingling your roof, or replacing rotted wood.

Painting DIY Q & A's

Why use stain instead of paint on your exterior?
Stain is much less likely to peel, especially in the harsh weather and elements of the outer banks. But once you use paint you must keep using it. You should never apply stain over paint.

When you spray do you need to backbrush or backroll or can you just spray & go?
Of course it all depends on the surface, but most exterior wood sided homes should absolutely be backrolled or backbrushed, You must do so for the paint or stain to properly be absorbed by the surface and to fill all cracks, holes, etc.

Do I really have to pressure-wash with bleach or other cleaning products before I paint my house?
It is imperative that you clean your house before you paint. The surface most always either has weathering, peeling, loose surfaces, dirt, pollen, mildew, or all of the above. The siding must be clean to have good paint job. If you have excessive peeling you might even need to use paint stripper to remove the loose paint or you might be wasting your time and money. Please refer to to all safety requirements and apparel for all chemicals you use. It can be pretty mean stuff.

How much paint should I buy for my house?
One coat formula is as follows: House primeter ft. x 10 x # of stories x 0.85 then divided by the paint's spread rate per foot. Or you if you've got time you can buy one gallon, see how much it covers, then eyeball to see how much of the house you have left.

I've always heard oil paint is better than latex, is that true?
In the past that used to be the case. But in recent years they have much improved latex paints. But it really all depends on the surface. Oil primers should always be used on red cedar because latex primers don't protect it from bleeding. But with other surfaces latex products are porous and will allow moisture movement. Oil based paints are resistant to moisture movement , and in the outer banks moisture is a big concern.  Whichever your choice, always refer to the paint itself to see what surfaces are suited best for it and use the proper preparations and applications.

Flying Colors Inc. Offers the Follow Renovation Services

• Specializing in water damage
• Door and window installation
• Siding removal and installation
• Decking and screen in porches
• Kitchen and bath renovations
• General repairs and maintenance
• Home additions



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